Shah Electronics established in 1965 in Madras (Chennai), India We are manufacturers of Stabilizers, Transformers, Adaptors. Our products are marketed under MAXINE and STANDARD brand. We are steadily expanding our products range to meet the changing and increasing demands of the ELECTRONIC / ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY. We have grown to be the leading manufacturer in south India. Our products range includes all type of External & Internal transformers (Step-Up, Step-Down), Voltage stabilizers, Adaptors, Battery Chargers, Power Adaptors, Toroidal Transformers, Battery Backups, Inverters etc.


Transformer is a static or stationary piece of apparatus by means of which electric power in one circuit is transformed to electric power of the another circuit.

Voltage Stabilizers are an effective solution to voltage fluctuation problems. They are designed to correct a wide range of input fluctuation to maintain specified output voltage.

Adaptors are devices which can be used with different kinds of Electronic Products such as Modem, Laptops, CD Players, Digital Camera, Radio, Tape Recorders etc.


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Analog and Digital Multimeter used to measure AC/DC Volt, Amps, Ohms, Hertz, Continuity etc...

Electromagnetic Relays used in  various industries like Automobile, Electrical Automation,  etc...

Rotary Switches are used in electrical Automation, Electronic Industries. Available in...