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General Adaptors


'MAXINE' has full range of AC and DC Adaptors. These Devices can be used with different kinds of Electronic Products such as Modem, Digital Camera, Laptops, CD Players, Radio, Tape Recorders, Calculators, TV Games, TVs, Mini Computers, Portable Phones, Cordless phones, Keyboards, Toys, Walkmans and other battery operated equipments.

Regulated DC Adaptors


Regulated adaptors has a constant voltage INDEPENDENT of the loading, i.e. you
can use it for any appliances required a loading from 0 to 1000mA it will take only the required MA. While non-regulated adaptor have HIGHER OUTPUT voltage when the adaptor is lightly loaded. The Selected Voltage can only be reached when the current is increased to a full load i.e. for a 1000mA.

This means that regulated adaptors are more versatile, and also provides more safety features.
Input Plug

Desktop Models - These adaptors have an AC-cord for connection to a mains socket.

Plug-in-Models - These adaptors have the AC plug incorporated in the base of direct insertion to the mains socket.

Check the polarity before connecting the Gadget or Instrument.