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Voltage Stabilizers

`Standard` Automatic Voltage Stabilizers are an effective solution to voltage fluctuation problems. They are designed to correct a wide range of input fluctuation to maintain specified output voltage. The output voltage waveform is completely distortion free and the regulation is unaffected by load power factor. Various models are available corresponding to different input/output and KVA ratings, housed in compact, rugged and attractive cabinets.

Find out why your electronic Appliances need a good voltage Stabilizer?


Power Disturbances are common throughout Asia especially in India baring some countries. These disturbances not only damage expensive Electronic Appliances/gadgets but also leads to regular repairs and services. Even after repairing , the Originality is not being brought back. This is the reason your appliances need a 100% true protection. That is why you need a good voltage stabilizer.
Stabilizer guards your expensive appliances from every possible power disturbance, available in different models working from as low as 80V onwards with high voltage Cut-off & time delay circuit, which protects from sudden surge in volts once you get power after power failure. Available in different type depending on the usage, namely fully automatic and semi automatic (manual with Auto cut-off), servo Type and CVT with different capacity starting from 150VA onwards. For industrial use we also have single and three phase servo controlled voltage stabilizers.
please follow the simple steps as given below:-
Select the place for the Stabilizer where direct sunlight, water is out of reach. Air circulation should be good. Ensure no obstacles on either side of Stabilizer ventilation holes. Ensure the earthing is properly done.
Connect the stabilizer to the nearest point.
When not in use, the Stabilizer should be switched off from the main point (or) remove the Mains cord.
The stabilizer must be used only for the purpose it is bought.
For correct loading, please refer our application chart.
To ensure long life of the stabilizers, load only 80% of the specified capacity.

Technical Specification

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer-Semi Automatic & Servo Type


All working in 50Hz +/- 2.5% frequency

Watt Efficiency


General Ambient Temperature

Up to 55 oC

Insulation Class


High Voltage Insulation Test



Working range for Solid State Fully Automatic Stabilizer

Regular Range

Wide Range

Regular Range with Low/High Cut-off & Built in Time Delay
Input : 170-270V
Output : 200-240V

Wide Range

Input : 120-255V
Output : 200-240V


Working range for Semi Automatic Stabilizer
(Manual With Auto-cutoff)

Regular Range

Wide Range

Input : 140 -270V
Output : 200V - 240V
Cut-off : > 240V

Input : 80-270V
Output : 200V - 240V
Cut-off : > 240V


Working range for Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

Single Phase

Three Phase

Input : 160 -260V

Input : 300-460V

Output : 230V + 1%

Output : 420V + 2%


Working range for Constant Voltage Stabilizer

Single Phase
Input : 160 -260V
Output : 230V +0.5%

Three Phase Against Order