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A transformer is a static or stationary piece of apparatus by means of which electric power in one circuit is transformed to electric power of the frequency in another circuit. It can raise or lower the voltage in a circuit but with a corresponding decrease or increase in current. The physical basis of a transformer is mutual induction between two circuits linked by a common magnetic flux.



Transformer capacity is rated in Volt-Amps (VA) which is generally the same as wattage (Watts). Most loads are labeled with their proper operational voltage (Volts), current (Amps), frequency (Hz), and wattage (Watts or VA).

To compute a load’s VA requirements, multiply its rated voltage (Volts) by its rated current (Amps). This information is usually found on the back of the load - on its nameplate. If you cannot locate the labeled voltage and current (to calculate the VA), use the wattage (Watts), if shown. Exceptions are fluorescent lights, neon signs, gas discharge lamps, specialized electronic controls, etc which require a transformer with a VA capacity 1.5 times the wattage rating, if the volts and amps are not shown. Select a transformer with a VA rating equal to or larger than the VA found on the nameplate of the load.

Using a transformer with a smaller VA capacity than that required by the load will cause the transformer to overheat and eventually burn out .



All MAXINE transformers are precision wound and insulated with the latest hi-tech, insulating materials. The core laminations are of high grade annealed silicon steel, designed to keep heating to a minimum. All transformers are impregnated with a modified polyester heat cured varnish, which seals the transformer, thus protecting the electrical windings from moisture and contamination. Metal housings are baked enamel finished, and all MAXINE transformers are thoroughly tested, twice, and thoroughly inspected to ensure top quality. The result of this use of superior materials, advanced design, and complete 100% testing is long, trouble-free transformer life.


All MAXINE transformers are indefinitely guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. When operated properly, our transformers will last a lifetime* and comes with warranty*. In the event of a defect, Shah Electronics will repair or replace a defective unit free of charge, pending our inspection, if returned to the factory, prepaid. Of course, transformers that have been misused by over voltage or overload are not covered by this warranty, since such misuse will decrease the life of the transformer, causing it to overheat and eventually burn out.

Types Of Transformers

There are different types of transformers for different uses.

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
For Battery Charger
For Booster Transformer
Compact Size Transformer
Filament Transformer
General Purpose Transformer
'G' Series Transformer
Inverter Transformer
For Manual Voltage Regulators
Regular Range Transformer
Satellite Transformer
Special Transformer
Step- Down Transformer
Step- Up Transformer
Tape Recorder Transformer
Toroidal Transformer

* Normal Warranty is 12 months
Lifetime of a transformer is generally 24 months